If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium

Last week, JJ asked, “Mom, what day do we go back to Amsterdam?”


“OK. So, when is Saturday?”

I think we’ve all felt a bit that way. Hours blend into days which blend into weeks which blend into months.

And when you have been on the move for over 2 months, travel is, as I have told several friends, “just what you do.”

Train delayed so the connection time has been reduced to 4 minutes?  Prep the kids; be the first out the train doors; Mom in front as she is the only one who knows the train number or where we are going for that matter; kids in the middle, and Dad in back to catch JJ when he falls off the escalator. Everyone has a bag and a backpack, and there is no talking. None. No questions, no comments. Just moving. Fast. Amazingly, the kids don’t complain; they know by now that we just gotta do what we’ve gotta do. Although, they do rebel from time to time.

In a Belgian train station, JJ officially quit.
In a Belgian train station, JJ officially quit.

Sleeping in a cobblestone city that is pedestrian only? If you want your clothes, you take your bag. If you want your books, you take your backpack. Actually, even if you don’t want clothes or books, you take the bags anyway. We won’t risk someone breaking into the car to steal stuff just because you were too lazy to do some heavy lifting

.IMG_6681                    IMG_6688

Sick and tired of sleeping with your sibling? Or just tired because of how your sibling sleeps..even when Mom and Dad separate you with pillows? Tough it out, kiddo. There aren’t many other options. Unless you are like JJ who just gave up and moved himself to a couch and used a rug for a blanket.

The best part is that if he moves her, she yells, “STOP” while still asleep because somehow it’s his fault.
We found him like this in a fully-lit room after Missa B kicked him out of bed.

Feel like whining because you can’t read the menu, aren’t sure you’re even hungry, or don’t want to eat snails? Look for the “menu d’enfant” which  includes a drink and dessert. Mom and Dad always go for free water and no dessert, but if it’s already included…

Although getting a meal in 1st class on the high-speed train isn't so bad either,
Although getting a meal in 1st class on the high-speed train isn’t so bad either.


Done with family? Done with photos? Done with family photos? Too bad.

IMG_7099 IMG_6569


We’ll get a holiday card photo out of this trip yet.


2 thoughts on “If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium

  1. Kym Dye September 1, 2015 / 9:07 pm

    Missa B, I thought of you today when one of my students discovered your amazing book you made with Lucas in third grade. He was “blown away” when I told him one of my third graders made it! Enjoy every second of your fantastic trip! I can’t wait to see you in October. Tell everone hi! Ms. Dye


    • navigatorof4 September 2, 2015 / 9:27 am

      M was SO happy to get this note! It made her day. I hope the return to school has been a good one; we will see you in a few months!


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