Word of the Day: Wayworn

My friend, Jennifer, gets the “Word of the Day” emailed to her. Yesterday, the word was wayworn, the definition of which is “worn or wearied by travel.” She sent it to me with a note asking, “Is this you?”

It was actually quite good timing. We have really enjoyed our past month here in La-Charité-Sur-Loire. There is something comforting about being able to send the kids out to the local boulangerie and know they’ll come back with the right orders. Or having the owner of the crèmerie next door wave as you go by or usher you in even though he’s closed because he doesn’t want your daughter to not have her favorite cheese for lunch. We know our way around this town, and we’re quite settled here.

How can you not relax in a town like this?
How can you not relax in a town like this?
They are really going to miss their balcony.
The kids’ terrace.
Out our back window....
Out our back window….

And I’ve been thinking about this a lot the past week or so because on Thursday, we head out on the road again. And I think a part of me is dreading it. There have been quite a few times this past week when I’ve wished we were ending the trip here. That we could go from this relaxed pace back into our old routine at home. That we wouldn’t be back to driving across borders, catching trains, and pre-booking museum tickets. That we could simply get on a plane and head back to our old life.

And then I wonder why I feel that way. The pace we were at before was tiring at times, but I never wanted it to stop. I enjoyed all the exciting things we were seeing and doing.

And we have so much to look forward to over the next 4.5 weeks. I get to see another friend whom I haven’t seen in over 20 years, and I can’t wait to see her. We get to go to Italy, where I first took Hubs 4 years ago (almost to the day), and he loved it. I certainly can’t complain about going to Venice, the Tuscany countryside, Florence and Rome. And then we end it all in Paris…with a fun surprise that I’ll share when the time comes but that will be good for all of us. A touch of the familiar in a foreign city.

So I rally. I get ready to pack up those bags again and try not to think about the fact that we’ll be living out of suitcases again for the next month. I prepare to give away the groceries we didn’t use and put out of my mind the fact that we won’t be doing our own cooking for awhile. I spend my last few days conversing in my second language and don’t worry that communication is about to become a lot more challenging.

I remember that we are travelers. And we’re good at it. So off we go again. Wayworn will not be our word of the day. It won’t be our word…period.


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